“With great power comes great responsibility.” This may be one of the most cliché quotes due to its excessive overuse, but it remains to be a true statement.

Lately, I’ve been considering what God is calling us to do in this life and have changed Uncle Ben’s quote around slightly. “With great blessings comes great responsibility.” We live in a culture that is thriving and blessed compared to billions of others here on earth when it comes to possessions and opportunities.

How are we to use these gifts? I’ve been blessed to have a college education. I have a family that is pretty much completely healthy. I do not have to worry about having food or water on the table. I have a roof over my head every night. And, I’ve only worked and earned money for not even 4 summers so far. Not even a full year of work when you add it up, and yet I’ve been blessed, undeservingly so, with all of these luxuries…. Hmmmmmm…

There are people in this world without many of things and yet day-to-day, we (including myself) often take them for granted. So what are we called to do? With great blessings, we are called to bless others.

Through our education, energy, time, and even money, we have an immense opportunity to take on the needs of the world. And with every opportunity, it takes a leader to step up and make it a reality.

My hope is to tackle the issue of defining what a leader in this world should look like. I honestly believe that the best leaders are those who humble themselves and serve others first and foremost. After all, the greatest leader to ever walk this earth was humble enough to die on a cross for us and it was through this selfless act that He became the definition of the perfect leader.

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