After finishing my junior year at Penn State, I suddenly felt a desire to start writing. It came out of nowhere and was surprising for someone who always felt like writing anything was a burden. But I felt this urge to document what I was thinking about. What I was reflecting upon.

It started with some thoughts on the Penn State Scandal. And then transitioned into my thoughts on what faith was evolving into for me. What was Christianity all about? What was becoming increasingly important to me? And what implications did that faith have on the most mundane of day-to-day parts of life to the largest philosophical questions we all ask today?

For me, the goal of writing is not to obtain any particular following or gain a certain number of likes for any one post. At least I try to remind myself of that. Getting these thoughts written down helps me to align what is often a jumbled mess of disconnected ideas. And hopefully, the end product comes across as a somewhat polished and coherent message. That’s what I hope to get out of it anyway.

And along the way, my prayer is that some of these posts can connect with friends and family in a way that encourages them, opens new worlds, and maybe, just maybe, starts new two-way dialogues that are beneficial to all of us.

If you like what you’re reading please comment, follow, or message me. Have a great day!

The Devolution of the Super Hero and the Decay of Social Capital

While everyday that passes can certainly be considered just another day in the books, there are particular events that you know, even as they are still unfolding, will remain the topic of conversation for years to come. The types of events that will likely make there way into textbooks. That our kids and grandkids will…

Is Santa Real?

What traditions haven’t been altered in some way by the year 2020? Family gatherings delayed indefinitely. Vacations postponed if not missed altogether. Holidays without the whole family around the table. Even regular events like apple and pumpkin picking, made a little less comfortable with masks on. One can only imagine how different Times Square will…

A Few Thoughts on Our Current Political Climate

I forgot just how much I dislike election years… But as November 3rd gets closer and closer, the temperature gets up all the more. Tensions are running high for most everyone and I’m no exception. Over the last several years since this past presidential election cycle got underway, I have on several occasions wanted to…

The Chocolate Bunny and Idolatry Today

It’s quite possible that I will never be able to shake this song from the popular Christian children’s show VeggieTales out of my memory bank. The musical number was none other than “The Bunny Song” from the Rack, Shack & Benny episode. I mean this episode had everything! Crowd favorites Bob, Larry, and Junior were…

7 Tips on How to Have Good (Difficult) Conversations

During incredibly tense and raw moments like these, our ability (or lack thereof) to have good and constructive conversations about sensitive topics becomes all the more apparent. Desiring to talk to those closest to me and grapple with the implications of recent events us as individuals and communities, I’ve spent much of the past couple…

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